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We Believe In Strong Healthy Families

Dr. TJ Alger is committed to helping the Council Bluffs, IA community build the healthiest, most vibrant families possible. Chiropractic care for children is something we are passionate about because we have had cases that are so impactful and some truly amazing testimonials from our chiro kids and their families!
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Chiropractic Kids Have The Best Start to Life

A healthy child is a parent’s number one wish. We all want our kids to grow strong and healthy and to stay off daily medications and avoid surgery as much as they can throughout their lifetime. Like adults, a child’s spine protects their nervous system, but their spine is under even more stress due to their growing bodies.

Your child’s nervous system controls every function of their body, so proper function is crucial for your child’s development.

Did you know…
We are the only chiropractor in Council Bluffs who offers Torque Release Technique, a gentle and effective way to adjust children of all ages. This technique is so gentle and specific that we see everyone from babies to seniors and get great results without the “cracking” many are nervous about when going to a chiropractor.

Spinal Adjustment Therapy

We Focus On Families

Neurologically-focused pediatric chiropractic care can help with symptoms such as: chronic ear infections, bed wetting, asthma, ADHD, digestive issues,  postural inconsistencies, and more.

From newborn infants to seniors, from people taking a laundry list of medication and chronic severe symptoms, to those looking to maintain and enhance their current health state… we care for the entire family at Chiropractic Essence. We believe in strong healthy families and know that optimal health and function allows our practice members to achieve just that. 

3 Reasons parents take healthy kids to the chiropractor:

1. Improves overall nerve function. You don’t brush and floss after you get a cavity, you consistently do this to maintain oral health. As we grow we need to be taking care of our spine in the same manner for optimal form and function.

2. Helps with sleep. A balanced nervous system helps to regulate sleep patterns.

3. Benefits development. An aligned spine and nervous system clears out blockages on your body’s information highway and helps with hormonal regulation.

A Lifetime Of Benefits For Your Whole Family

Chiropractic care for your entire family can help with a host of health issues and conditions. Every day, patients just like you and your family members come to us for a variety of conditions, including:



Thyroid problems

High blood pressure







Menstrual problems

Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate issues

Sleeping Issues



Herniated Discs


Digestion Problems

Chronic Pain

Asthma & Allergies

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