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Essence Health Group

Essence Health Group is here to change the way people view primary care. At Essence we focus on making real change by addressing the root causes of dysfunction in the body. We look at the whole person to assess and address the symptoms that are resulting from imbalances and irregularities. Our functional approach peels back the layers of lifestyle impacts on the body and creates optimal health, from the inside out.

Our team of medical professionals target treatments that will provide long term improvement to the overall health and wellness of the individual and less on reactive treatments that just mask symptoms without addressing the real issue. The care models structured by our doctors are focused on patient success with least-invasive care first, so that our patients aren’t just trading the chronic pain they are experiencing for the pain of surgery and recovery. All of our treatments are outpatient procedures and programs with no downtime. 

If you are looking for non-surgical solutions to your chronic pain or disease or trying to improve your overall health and wellness, Essence Health Group is ready to serve you. Our functional healthcare practice educates on the capabilities of the body to work at its most optimal state when given the proper resources and by leveraging regenerative medicine and other techniques to naturally accelerate the healing process.

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