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New Knee Injection Clinic Comes to Council Bluffs

Essence Med Joint Injection Clinic Comes to Council Bluffs and Omaha

Viscosupplementation joint therapy will be readily available to the Council Bluffs Metro with the opening of Essence Med.

Essence Med is opening it’s doors and welcoming the community of Council Bluffs and Omaha to begin scheduling appointments for joint injection consultations. This treatment program targets those suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee and shoulder. The treatment series, known as viscosupplementation, is covered by Medicare and many other insurance providers. In addition to viscosupplementation, Essence Med will be offering PRP treatments for further joint therapy options. They have invested in Genvisc, a type of hyaluronic acid medication that is intended to directly replicate the viscosity of your naturally occurring synovial fluid, resulting in optimal outcomes for this advanced arthritis treatment program. 

This is the first clinic of it’s kind to come to the Council Bluffs Metro.  Essence Med will be operating out of the existing Chiropractic Essence location at 3424 W Broadway. The owners, Dr. TJ Alger and Brean Alger started their neurologically-based chiropractic clinic two and a half years ago and since, have decided to expand on their mission to keep people out of the surgery room, by adding a second business focused on deteriorating cartilage in the joints.

“We’ve always had a mission to focus on whole-body health and wellness. Specifically in a way that helps reduce the amount of surgery and medications needed to maintain our lifestyles as we age,” said, Brean Alger, Owner and Operator of Essence Med. “It’s about more than just reducing or masking the symptoms for Dr.TJ and I, we look at the body as a whole and focus on the overall function in a way that gets your body back to operating at it’s most natural and optimal state. This is why we’ve decided on viscosupplementation to assist the patients we see that cannot be helped by chiropractic alone. We’re a better option for those currently seeking out steroid shots, joint replacement or other surgeries to get some sort of relief. Dr. TJ sees knee issues almost daily in our office. When we learned hyaluronic acid and PRP treatments could help your body not only naturally regain lubrication, but build back some of the cartilage it has lost over time, we were on board and had to bring this to our community.”

Essence Med had a soft open in September 2021 and will be officially opening its doors to the public starting April 4th. With the addition of a Physician Assistant to their team to help administer the treatments, Essence Med will also offer free consultations along with x-ray services on site. The joint injections themselves will be done using a fluoroscopy device to ensure proper placement of the medicine in the affected joint. Treatments are expected to take approximately 20 minutes in length and are generally done in a series of weekly treatments, once prescribed by the medical team at Essence.

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